Sochi 2014 becomes comedy act

The Olympics often brings out the best in a city, in a nation. It provides an opportunity to showcase the best in a country, portray themselves to the world how they wish to be represented. However, if you are unprepared, fantastically unprepared, you better be ready for the criticism.

The worlds journalists are not so pleased by the preparedness, or lack there of, of Sochi. A number of days ago when most journalists travelled to Sochi in preparation for the Winter Olympic games, they were met with a shockingly funny, yet farcical unpreparedness. Journos were having a field day criticising every little issue that they could spot, then again, the issues were hard to miss.

Only six of the 9 media hotels were ready just days before the Olympic opening ceremony was set to take place. For a country with everything to prove, which wants to show to the world its capabilities as a safe, respectful country, it sure did make a mistake when it came to building time management and preparation. To make matters worse, they are media hotels, of course the media would be tweeting every small detail about their time in Sochi…. and my golly weren’t the tweets hilarious.

The opening ceremony was not without it’s hiccups either, with one of the 5 Olympic rings failing to open. Here is hoping the focus will now move from the mistakes and fails of Sochi so far, and focus on Russia itself, the positives of the country, it’s landscapes, the athletes and their efforts, and hopefully by the closing ceremony the farce that has somewhat marred the beginning of the Olympics will be forgotten and replaced with memories of a great Winter games.

Doorknobs falling off? Curtains not being put up properly, all issues which the journalists of the world have had a field day reporting on. At least they are able to see the funny side and provide some comedic value to the farcical situation.

Below are some of the fantastically “What the fuck?” tweets from the worlds journos.

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